The following document describes the practices used by Ancar Network to collect and process personal data in respect of user privacy. "Services" means the set of Ancar Network services available to users, namely Minecraft game server and website. By using the services, you accept the terms of collection and processing of data listed in this document.

The privacy policy may change over time. The user must periodically check for changes.

Data collection

When a user takes advantage of the services of Ancar Network, some or all of the following personal data is collected: IP address, email address, date of birth (optional), geographical location (optional).

In addition, we collect user-generated content (nicknames, messages, discussions, commands, etc.) that may contain personal data. Any requests to censor such data will be taken into consideration by the staff.

Finally, various types of non-personal data are collected through the services: web browser used, game data, etc., which are not subject to this privacy policy.

Data processing

Personal data collected and stored through Ancar Network services are used by the staff for moderation, for account security, or for public viewing if the user decides to share them. Personal data is not shared with third parties except in the case in which they are requested by the authorities or for legal purposes.

For more information on data collected and stored by third parties, see the next paragraph.

Third parts

This privacy policy does not apply to third-parts services used by Ancar Network and to data collected and stored by them. For more information, see the related privacy policies:

Right of access

Pursuant to Article 15 of the GDPR it is possible to obtain a copy of your personal data by contacting the email The identity will be verified before delivering a copy.

Right to cancellation

Pursuant to Article 17 of the GDPR it is possible to obtain the cancellation of one's personal data, partial or entire by contacting the email

You can delete all personal data except for IP addresses and email addresses. The latter will be canceled only if at least one of the points of paragraph (1) of article 17 is applicable: